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the artist constructs a new symbol with his brush. This symbol is not a recognizable form of anything which is already finished, already made, already existing in the world- it is a symbol of a new world, which is being built upon and which exists by way of people.

El Lissitzky

Our art teacher in collaboration with the other teachers of our school manage to turn the traditional interest in art into a creative composition focused on the construction.

The groups get in touch with several materials so as not only to express the beauty or represent the world but also to use them according to their potentials.

Through this , they can realize the use of their creations at their daily life.

Almost every activity in arts has to do with;

  • the construction of toys using recycling materials
  • the expression of their own reality and experience
  • the development of their imagination
  • the Contact with a variety of materials aiming at the motivation of their mental, physical, sensory and psychological development.

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