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music acts on the whole of the organism like a magic force which suppresses the understanding and irresistibly takes possession of the entire being. To insist on analyzing this force is to destroy its very essence.

Emile Jacques' - Dalcroze

Music in education is a very significant pedagogical tool, aiming at understanding the perception of place and time, the acknowledgement of the body, the imagination, creativity , rhythmic perception and musical memory.

Our teachers guided by music professionals integrate music activities into children’s daily routine.

Movement is an inextricable part of children’s daily life. Their endless energy is essential to be channeled into useful activities aiming at;

  • acknowledging the musical concepts
  • distinguishing the sound of music
  • familiarizing with their body and realizing their abilities
  • setting themselves free
  • expressing their feelings
  • realizing space boundaries
  • coordinaing and communicating with each other

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