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the body is a sacred garment.

Martha Graham

The integration of exercising into children’s daily life is highly essential for their physical and mental health. Therefore we encourage a lifelong interest in physical activity offering the children a chance to familiarize with themselves and with the world in general..

Children are parts of a team and therefore, they learn how to communicate and cooperate with the other members of it so as to accomplish a common goal.

Our school in collaboration with the RACKET PLANET club has included in its schedule an innovating method of teaching sports to preschool children (2-6 years old).

This method aims at introducing children to their favorite sports using a more exciting and creative teaching method, through games and fairy tales.

Sporting events included are;

  • tennis
  • gymnastics
  • basketball
  • athletics( running track, obstacle course racing, javelin throw ,shot put, long jump, discus throw)
An optional activity of our school is children’s participation in swimming lessons in collaboration with the Niriides sports club.

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