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E-class in preschool education ?

06 April 2020

After the latest facts in the country due to the spread of the epidemic, all educational institutions were closed and our lifes  are new conditions. Most schools are now entering the process to offer distance education. The truth is that the Ministry of Education's circulars for this process are missing the part of the primary that concerns pre-school education. Nevertheless, there is much debate about whether pre-school children can join an e - class . Some private schools do this in a very organized way, applying it and in preschool education.

However, in order to understand the whole context, it is very important to mention 2 basic parameters.

The first is the curriculum of the kindergarten which differs from other curricula of other grades. There are no books in kindergarten, there is no specific material. There is an interdisciplinary program that takes place for the most part in the classrooms and from different cognitive areas, while it should be emphasized that kindergarten is not a preparatory class for primary school has completely different goals and objectives. Using purely pedagogical terms, what takes place in a kindergarten, whether private or public, is the " hidden curriculum ", as the relevant literature calls it . These are the different practices used: some teachers use assessment sheets and others do not, some schools in private education for pre-school education have made their own books and notebooks and children work with them, some teachers recommend to children with their young other name with the adjective gentleman or madam etc . All this and much more are aspects of the covert analytical program. From this one becomes clear : we do not all teach the same or rather we do not all set the same educational goals and above all we do not all give the same definition of what an educational process is.

The second parameter is that distance learning is not a new invention created today.It is an educational method organized with goals, program and design which is a separate field of modern pedagogy . At the same time, its use requires special knowledge offered through structured specialized training programs. Consequently when the relationship with time requires dedication and effort is at least funny the to support that training session within a week all the teachers with accelerated courses. No science works this way, let alone the sciences of education. The when even like to say that we are serious distance education in the remaining steps that should be done by this professional staff designed a new curriculum with new books to meet the authorities of the education model. Last but not least, distance learning requires a minimum of user familiarity, which is not the case in primary school, let alone in preschool. So it's a misconception that distance learning is about sitting in front of a computer and just " saying it . "

So is there a reason to create e - class in pre-school education from both private and public schools ? My answer is straightforward and concise: no, there is absolutely no reason. Preschool education and program design in it is very much derived from the children 's environment , from the way they play , from the stimuli we give them. The kindergarten teacher is in a kindergarten classroom not to give answers to various cognitive or any other questions that arise. The preschool teacher is one who tries to form such an environment and context in which the child is asked to create itself its own questions and find their ways to answer them. The child comes to cultivate his own skills and talents , to recognize himself in the community but also to see how this individuality interacts with a set of peers. She asked to see a ince that will manage the feeling of defeat and frustration when he loses a game , so to speak As you climb if on a tree prov eimenou break a piniata what s Halloween .

This kind of pedagogical process cannot fit within the confines of a computer screen. But here's another question. You can DO SOMETHING; The answer is again straightforward and short : yes ,   you can. You can continue this relationship of trust that you have built with your children and their families. You can use the opportunities that new technologies give you to see and hear them , to calm their fears and maybe even yours. Can you recommend books and movies in the hope that soon will the see and discussions with them closely.  

Speaking with several colleagues the feeling I have is that the teachers a s pre s regimen s, the vast majority enjoy a s estimate exactly why very young children take on your job and reciprocate this by the most disinterested feelings. The same goes for their families .

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