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How a school event can enhance the social interaction?

21 January 2019

So we decided to feel christmas with traditional family warmth. Gather in school, play a board game, decorate the tree and drink hot chocolate. Familiarize children and parents in a relaxed climate of joy, warmth and laughter!
The board game had the following meaning: as many more questions as each team answered correctly, so many ornaments would win to decorate the tree! The questions were about school, pupils and staff. We wanted to observe, among other things, whether parents work with children and trust them to get the answer on them!
They built the impressive dashboard, the dice, the pawns. And not only that! They got a job for the house! We established the Christmas lending library, where children were taking a book a week home to read it with mom or dad. They made the ornaments for the tree and cooked tortoises!
The wonderful thing about this open day is that the kids have managed to win the significant benefits of the game in an environment that is fun, friendly, enthusiastic and safe. They had the opportunity to work with their parents and classmates, to go to school and take initiatives to help their team. They were part of the experience, in an event that brought parents together, encouraging social interaction, the children learned to communicate, collaborate, and be patient.
What was particularly interesting in implementing this concept was that the teams actively participated throughout the game and were interested in listening to the questions and answers of the other groups. It was really an open day full of smiles, childhood and playful mood. The little details made the difference, as parents and staff dressed with ugly sweaters
On this open day, we understood in practice that what your child wants most is to be with us without having anybody in mind beyond the joy of time together. He wants to enjoy it, play with him and listen to him. Nothing strengthens his self-esteem more.

Fani Fourtouni

Mery Boukouvala

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