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Play of different age groups

15 November 2018

We often ask the children to collaborate and think collectively within the classroom. Playing is the best way to get children new knowledge but also to better understand the previous ones. The yard is always the favorite playground and so we decided to take action outside and include not only our children but also some smaller ones.

educational goals:
• Collaboration
• communication of children
• Developing trust
• Rule compliance, with the ultimate aim of self-regulation

Children are in a train. The first player holds a basket with a ball and tries with the child's instructions waiting behind to "empty" the ball into the basket from behind. Looking constantly ahead! It is a game of rules that helps children to internalize social roles and leads them to self-regulation. Even the fact that children of different ages are involved in the game allows children to enter "teacher" and "student" roles. The child in the position of a teacher shares the knowledge while the child-learner manages with guidance. Consider how important it is for a child to realize that he / she is doing something right at a next developmental stage !! On the bigger side, the important thing is that they remember how they were a while ago and make a comparison in their minds, stimulating their self-confidence by realizing the progress they have made.

Spyridoula Pavlidou-kindergarten

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