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How do we frame a project with respect to the child?

12 November 2018

The preschoolers team does not have memorizing, pre-recorded or pre-reading activities. Children are immersed in the discovery of information through all their senses and from many angles-scientific, artistic, musical, narrative, etc. At the heart of our activity is the question.

The ask as an act that triggers the learning process and the asks as an integral element of all children. We see children as natural scientists, with curiosity, with enormous observational skills and the ability to form strong theories about the world around them. We consider the creative expression of a child as a way of communicating with what they understand about the world around them and themselfs.

In the "myself" theme, children learn to have their individuality, identify similarities and differences. They explore themselves, their family and their place in society. In our discussions, we encourage the child to use broad vocabulary, broadening their communication skills, and at the same time stimulating their self-confidence. The child then feels treated with respect. What better than to teach respect, by deliberately displaying it during an activity. We communicate with respect to young children when we hear their ideas, feelings and dreams. We help children see "amazing through the usual".

"The favorite part of my body is my mouth, because this talk and sing to my friends" Anastasia

Fani Fourtouni


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