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First days at forest school (their comments)

23 October 2018

The first  days have started ... children are excited and their familiarity with nature continues through activities and free play!

Their first touch with the Forest School had a response from the early days.

The children immediately joined and got intimate with something new for themselves. Free play, pedagogic activities in nature, construction with materials they find there and much more have been played since the very first days!

Below we write some comments from their new experience:

"I loved the branch that made it a trident," Vangelis

"We made a swing with a rope," Daphne

"I made a slide on the downhill," Despina

"I liked the climb," Stavros

"We watch the animals and the trees do not break," Myrto

"My friends helped me climb up the hill" Nikos

We look forward to their next comments!

Stay tuned 🙂

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