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Summer is here...

12 August 2018

Different rhythms, swimsuits and towels on the top shelves, glasses half full with lemonades, all testify that summer has come. It's time for everyone in the family to take a little respite and enjoy the magic of this warm but at the same time carefree time of the year.

This summer, I urge you to invest in the imagination of your children ... For young children everything is possible: animals can talk, objects can have their own lives and things that are not visible to anyone can exist. As we grow older, all of this is changing, as the perception becomes unchanged, and realism outweighs the imagination. Although gradual learning of responsibilities and responsibilities is necessary for all children, this does not mean that we have to limit their imaginary world by introducing them prematurely into the limitations of adulthood.

Imagination "grows" when we make space to express it freely. Let the children play on their own, without structured toys, as close to nature as possible and with materials that they will use, no matter whether they will be dirty or destroy something (which is of little value).

Use books creatively and not as a purely pedagogical medium since summer is identical to free time. Read stories and then try to divide into inspirational roles or make your own illustration (eg how does Red Riding Hood look like for you), or try to cook what they cooked themselves (for example, pancakes from Chrysomalousa, a way to introduce new foods to children who have difficulty). Depending on the experiences of the summer, try to create your own fairy tale, with heroes that will have your own personality. Encourage children to make their own story and you take the role of "presenter," asking questions so that they can think about the continuity of the story.

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