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Alone we can do so little , together we can do so much

Hellen Keller


The teachers that lead our groups are childcare professionals holding university degrees in pre-school education. In collaboration with the rest of our educational team they aim at children’s best educational development through love and respect.

Art and music teachers

Graduates of art school offer their exciting knowledge and ideas, adding creative and innovative details to the projects carried out by each group.


Our school’s pediatrician is always here for us, for any advice or help we may need. He visits our school once a month, consulting and informing our children’s parents about their health condition.

Child psychologist

In collaboration with our school's child psychologist the activities at school have to do with two main areas, prevention and intervention in the form of evaluation and advisory. Our child psychologist visits all our groups so as the children’s social and emotional adaptation to be supported.

Speech therapist

Aiming at prevention and early intervention, our speech therapist performs an identifying check in every group of our school. After that, if needed, an appraisal of the child takes place, the parents get informed and the suitable intervention is decided.

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