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Post-infancy group (2-3 years)

Children’s increased desire to claim their independence makes this period of time unique and fascinating. Children experience great mental, emotional and social changes which are going to help them explore their new world, having a new and exciting opinion about it.

At this stage, children are able to classify items according to their colour and shape, mimic the actions of grownups and friends, and express a great variety of emotions.

Children are encouraged to play games that enhance their imagination. Through play-based learning and discovery we help them explore the environment they live in, using a variety of activities enhancing their cognitive and social development.

Toddlers- group 1 (3-4 years)

At this age, children have the opportunity to further develop their self-esteem and self-confidence, values which are going to be very useful for the rest of their life.

They now use their bodies to express their feelings and thoughts, and also to better understand new words and meanings.

The activities at this age aim at performing precise movements using their hands and fingers. Through these activities we give the children the answers to their questions, satisfying in this way , their great curiosity and helping them acquire further knowledge and a more clear way of thinking.

Depending on their own power and the ability to control and protect themselves, children are now able to communicate and cooperate with other kids.

Toddlers - group 2 (4-5 years)

Through play and exciting experiences children are able to evaluate, classify, filter and understand ideas, emotions and complex actions. They pay attention to the objects, based on their ability to symbolize, control, change and select.

Children can also understand their sensory, kinetic, cognitive and social skills through games and experiences at school. Moreover, they can discover a variety of choices and actions in complex objects, developing in this way interests and abilities.

Preschoolers (5-6 years)

The experiences and skills that children acquire at the kindergarten, as well as the enhancement of their self image, are elements that will accompany them throughout their lives. Therefore, they are very important for their development into a healthy and mature personality.

It’s our Kindergarten’s intent to support the overall development of the child. In this way, basic concepts that foster creativity , self defense , self esteem and critical thinking are developed.

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